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2014.10.09 Written by alison rickett
I have vintage Christmas tree lights (12 bulb) with a bakerlite bayonet plug, how can I test them to see if they are working? many thanks
2013.10.28 Written by David Adams
I need to replace a broken light fitting in the ceiling of my home. It is an old home. The old light fitting has four wiring connections, two red wires joined together into one of the wire connections, there were two separate black wires into two other connections and the earth wire (exposed wire) into the earth connection. The new light fitting I bought has a template to connect three wires - L, earth and N. The template indicates the red wire(s) go into the L connection and the black wires into N. As there are two black wires I connected both of these so I had two red wires into the L connection, 2 black wires into the N connection and the exposed wire into the earth connection. When I turned the power back on, the light bulb was on even though the wall switch was turned off. When I turned on the switch, it blew the circuit breaker, obviously my wiring is incorrect. Should I have only one red wire and one black wire into the allocated connections and the exposed wire into the earth connection on the new light fitting and crimp the other black and red wires separately?
2013.10.11 Written by Sophia Wisniewski.
I have the old 1mm black material light cables in my plastic bakerlite light switches which are mounted on round wooden backings. Behind one of the round wooden backing there are two black material light cables. One of these cables has a wire about 1 inch in length which is exposed before it enters the plastic bakerlike mechanism and then held down with a tiny screw. Should this 1inch of exposed wire have some plastic insulation before it goes into the terminal. I was told that it does not matter as the cable can just be pushed back into the cavity which is about 90 mm wide. The house does not have any power at the moment that's why the light switch was able to be looked at.
2012.05.05 Written by Kaye
Do I require a certificate of electrical safety if my electrican replaces a faulty light switch?

Hi Kaye,
Yes, A Certificate of Electrical Safety is a requirement where an electrican needs to switch off your electricity at the Switchboard. For example, installation or maintenance of safety switches, circuit breakers, power points, non-plug in electrical equipment or lighting points within the house.
The Certificate of Electrical Safety is your assurance that the work has been completed by a qualified tradesperson and to the standards required in Victoria both for safety and quality.
Hope this helps
2012.05.05 Written by Sally
Hi, How do i test to see if my safety switch still works?

Hi Sally,
To Check that your safety switch is functioning properly, press the "Test" button (which simulates a problem). This should automatically trip the safety switch to the OFF position and then you simply reset it. You should do this at least once a month.
However if you still have concerns about your safety switch, please consult a registered electrical contractor who will be able to perform additinal safety switch checks.
Certificate Of Electrical Safety Testing A Safety Switch

Important Note: All advice is intended for information only, and should not be relied upon to fix your electrical issues.  Please call a Registered Electrical Contractor to carry out all your electrical work in your home or business.